Social Media Marketing is Must

Before you choose any affiliate group or mlm group or ANY group – Learn from Dale Calvert and get the training you need to build leaders and teams!  

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Look around – everybody who is doing anything in business has a facebook page!

Why?  Find Your Own Unique Voice!  Touch others and make difference in your life and in lives of others!!!


Because social Media Marketing is a must and it will start with Facebook….

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You must brand yourself and Your Services…

It’s not enough to brand yourself you must also brand your services – and offer things that set you apart as a leader and expert in some field….

Not only must you begin to lead and educate others in this area you must build a team and help them do the same…

Social Media Marketing is a very powerful thing, but doing it well enough to make money at it and help others do the same, I’m not there yet….

Going to Nature’s Sunshine – and its’ health systems….

Well I’ll have to narrow this down into something someone will pay for, and so I’ve chosen Nature’s Sunshine – with expertise in In Form coaching –  Paleo Diet that’s modified with alkaline diet, and ionizer water systems… etc…

No wheat, No Corn, little use of sugars ( Coconut sugar and Raw honey ) sparingly…. Omega 3 oils. – cleaning up body – increasing – circulation and energy – with better use of herbs – oils and whole foods to help joints and control weight – also better sexual and urinary functions etc. etc. 

What about energy and Love life? ( Blood flow )
Better sex life and health go together check this out fully!


This will include better Juicing – better use of herbs, better use of diet.. much better use of menus and meals – with moderate exercise for older people…

We are talking about changing habits of eating, dieting, menus, and use of herbs oils, water, fresh vegetables and fruits – making it fun and effective for better energy and joint movement – better circulation and those things listed above…

It all starts with an evaluation on where you are at and what you are doing…

You will need to do this as a group and with a coach – with calls to action and record of what you have done and what you need to do.

This inform system can be explained in part by the following video…..